Out of The Mouth of #Tinkerthug

Thursday, March 02, 2017

This girl and her imagination continuously blow me away. She dressed up like the above for New Year's Eve all on her own. I haven't been as awesome at writing down all of the crazy things she has been saying, but here are a few I did manage to write down. 

little e climbs out of the pool and gets a worried look on her face.
Me: What's wrong?
little e: I think I'm peeing!
Gets a concentrated look on her face, grunts a little.
little e: Oh no, I'm okay!

little e: I need to tell you something!
Me: Okay. . .
little e: If the spider comes to get you, I will save you with a hug.

little e: I have a baby boy in my tummy.
Me: Where did he come from?
little e: The store.
Me: That's not quite how it works. Mommies and daddies make the baby together.
little e pauses then says: My boyfriend helped me!
Me: You're too young to have a boyfriend!
little e: But I LOVE him!

Sitting with little e under some trees. She looks up and says,
little e: The trees are my family.
Me: Can you also paint all of the colors of the wind?

She has finally mastered potty training, but hates to be reminded to go sit on the potty. One time when she fought us like crazy and then proceeded to sit on and go potty. 
Yia Yia: Yay! You're going potty! Aren't you glad you decided to try?
little e: No Yia Yia! You are the one who is peeing!

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