Life Lately

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm learning more and more that Nationwide is kind of right. Life does come at you fast. Not just fast, but warp-speed. I swear it was just barely October. My pregnancy hormones were all over the place and my fingers were randomly inspired to type out a post about fictional men I would journey to find. Then silence. . . for 4 whole months.

Don't worry, I haven't taken off on any such journey, however, during that silence I met a little guy who has completely stolen my teeny-tiny heart. He heard how much fun we were having on Christmas Day and decided to show up early the next morning. 

Since then we've been soaking up snuggles, trying to figure out how to make Target runs with two littles, embracing the fact that G-money actually enjoys sleep unlike his big sis, Little e, and watching a lot of New Girl. I always thought Schmidt was my favorite character, but now I'm realizing that Winston is actually the best. I'll probably do a dissertation on the topic in my free-time.😉

What hasn't seemed to happen this time around is the postpartum depression that stole a year of my life when little e was born. I think that's the main reason for my silence. I've been dreading, yet waiting, for those feelings to return. I don't know that I'm out of the woods quite yet, since my maternity leave is winding down and my job is waiting, but I'm optimistic that life with two kiddos suits me. 

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