Hello, Fall 2016: A More Meaningful Season

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall 2016 Goals
We're getting closer and closer to 2017 and my due date, January 5. I want this fall to be a time where we stop to pick up leaves, smell the pumpkin spice, and slow down to enjoy the simpler things. In order to force myself to chill out, just a bit I'm giving myself more than my typical month to achieve my goals.

  • Relocate my office / Set up the nursery. Our current office is located upstairs, but we don't really want the kids to share a room and we have an empty basement that I can work out of. It's just a matter of bossing around encouraging Tom to move furniture up and down some stairs. Right now it seems daunting, but it's doable. 
  • Continue Ballet Baby every other day. I've recently gotten back into Ballet Beautiful and have invested in Mary Helen Bowers' Ballet Baby (pregnancy workouts). While I do enjoy the miracle of being pregnant, I'm at the point (6 months) where I feel like a whale and I hobble around. Ballet Baby not only is helping to strengthen my muscles, it's also helping me feel more graceful and feminine again.
  • Go to church at least 5 times. The thing about where I live is that a lot of the "community" revolves around the prominent religion of the area. It's a religion I was raised in that I don't completely agree with anymore, but I want to know my neighbors.
  • Go to bed with Tom at least 5 times a week. We've been really bad about this lately and we're both to blame. I've passed out earlier and he's not so great with keeping track of time. I'd like to do a better job in general since that's the time where we really talk. 
  • Get back into the habit of journaling. Blogging is fun, but let's be serious, it's not the same as sitting down with a pen and paper. I want to keep track of all of the fun we're having and sometimes I don't want to share with the rest of the world.
  • Get the design and finances figured out for the bathroom. This damn bathroom. I just want it done already!
  • Read 6 books from my own shelves. I've been requesting books like crazy from the library, but I'm just about out of shelf space for the books I do own. Time to get through some of them. 
  • Prep instructions for maternity leave. I helped develop a new process and, besides someone in a different department,, I'm the only one who knows how to make it all go through correctly. This means I need to make sure to write some seriously detailed instructions so I can enjoy my leave!
  • Make a conscious effort to make memories with my little e. I already strive to do this, but there are only a few months left where it's just me and her. I don't know how much she will remember from this time, but it feels like such an important time to me. Maybe it's the hormones?
  • Look for opportunities to help others. Take the time to do simple things like hold open doors. I just want to make sure that I'm more aware of others and what they might need. 
I talk way too much about goals, so I promise to not post about goals again until December 21.

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