Figuring Out My Why

Monday, October 19, 2015

Want More Page Views? One Simple Change

There once was a girl with an fairly short attention span, who would find herself obsessing over something new every couple of weeks. Many of these obsessions would fade into the background, rarely to be thought of again. Pole dancing, speaking Chinese, and guitar playing were just a few. There were also a handful of hobbies that seemed to always cycle back into the rotation.

One day this girl realized that while she enjoyed trying so many things, she wanted to master something besides enjoying a good book and putting together a somewhat decent meal. There was one particular activity that seemed to pique her interest on a somewhat consistent basis. Her largest Pinterest board was dedicated to the activity. That has to be relevant, right? 

Every few months she would sit down and declare, "This time I will get serious about this blogging business." She would start looking through her pins and began to realize that the initial advice was all, more or less, the same. Figure out your why. Figure out what it is that you hope to accomplish. 

She would ponder the question and consistently come up with a similar answer time and time again,  "I want to build a community. Some day I would love to be a connector for bloggers around the world! I would love to run my own program where people could learn from one another!"

One day, while thinking about how she had neglected her space online, she realized that she was completely lying to herself. This lie was the reason she would lose her steam time and time again. This was her roadblock. 

The reason she was blogging and the reason she started in the first place was because she loved to write, to create! She loved to track her progress. She loved sharing the things that she loved and was proud of. She loved being reminded that she was not ever really alone in her struggles. There were people out there who could relate to bits and pieces of her story. and she wanted to remind them in return.

So the girl dusted off the page that had been neglected for almost a month. She lowered her bar and set some realistic goals. She resolved that she would worry less about the numbers and the messy business that blogging has become for many. She would still spend time learning about because it was interesting all in all. She would write about whatever excited her, whether or not it fit into her "niche" or if it would increase page views. Finally, she decided that she would be proud of her reflection and would gladly own up to this portion of herself. 

If you blog, have you put much thought into why? What is it that keeps you coming back? 

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