Over it

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This isn't going to be the most uplifting post on the planet, but I'm ready for the universe to know about the things that I am just so done with. This makes me think of a song in a roundabout way. . . 
Go ahead. Pull it up on youtube, spotify, or whatever it is that you use. I'll wait right here.


In no particular order these are the things that I am just so very over at the moment:

1 | Instagram Loop Giveaways

At first I was all like:
 What an easy way to enter a giveaway. I love this person. . . .oh wait a second. What are these directions? "Like and follow every account in the loop." No big deal, right? Five minutes pass and you're still trying to get through the loop with no end in sight. 

I'm now at the point where I'm just going to unfollow you if I happen to catch you in an Instagram loop. I don't care what the prize is. It's not worth it and you're kind of a jerk to make your followers do all of that. 

2| Discussing religion, politics or finances during our first conversation.

This seems to be a thing here in Utah. Somehow the majority of the people here didn't get the manners memo. It's not polite to ask someone any of the above information the first time you meet them. All of those items are pretty stinking personal. If that person wants to share, then they probably will likely further on in your friendship. . . unless you met at a church, political event or a financial seminar. 

I typically find myself living in areas where my thoughts and philosophies are in the minority. As such, I'm used to feeling like this:
I just wish that more people understood how complex most people are. We can still be friends if we believe different things. It's actually possible. Shocking, I know.

3| Trying to get Nail Polish out of my carpet.

Little e somehow got a bottle of white nail polish and dumped the majority of it on the carpet. For that past two months I have use every method both Pinterest and Google provided and nothing has worked. It's gross and it bugs me, but what can I do? 

4| Little e boycotting naps.

She has never been a particularly good napper, but she has taken maybe 2 naps in the past 3 weeks. She is whiny and very obviously tired but girlfriend will not sleep. Even getting her to bed at night is a struggle. 

This too shall pass, right? (Please note: I'm not really looking for advice on this one. Just let me vent, mmkay? Thanks!)

What's bugging you today? Also, is it Friday yet?

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