Avoid These 4 Financial Blunders

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I like to think that I'm beginning to get a fairly decent grasp on this whole "managing money" thing. By my own standards things are going fairly well. I own a home, flat-out own my vehicle, have no major debt outside of student loans and manage to put a nice chunk of change into savings on a regular basis. I'm not sitting pretty by any means, but I'm on the way to security and comfort. 

There have been some speed-bumps and lessons learned along the way and I do have some regrets. Today I'm reflecting on those financial blunders. The following are things I wish I would have done differently.
Financial Blunders you might be making

1 |  Private Loan

I made the mistake of not having a clue when it came to college. I should have researched a lot more and made more of an effort to find something that was more affordable than the colleges I attended my freshman year. I'm now of the mindset that it you need to take out a private loan to go to school then you probably shouldn't go right now. Actually, I can't think of a situation where I would recommend taking out a private loan. They are a hassle and that interest is just going to bite you in the butt. 

2 | Not Paying on Loans While in School

I really, really wish I would have made more of an effort to pay my loans while in school. I didn't have a ton of money, but maybe I could have made more of a dent. I'll be debt free mid-2018, but it just would have been nice to have some foresight. 

3 | Delaying a Contribution to Retirement

Many companies match a certain percentage of whatever you delegate to your 401K (or in my case 403B). That is free money ya'll! I was stupid and contributed nothing to my retirement until about a year into my career. On top of that I just did the max amount my company would match to. According to my financial adviser, Google,(I kid! I have a real adviser.) you should be contributing a total, including the free money, of at least 10 percent in your twenties. I have since corrected my ways, but again some foresight into believing that I'm going to someday be old would have been helpful. 

4 | Trusting a Payment Went Through

Don't ever just assume your payment for any bill went through the way it should. Always double-check to ensure that the payment was received and your account was properly credited! I may have accidentally missed an entire payment once due to lack of checking. That sucked.

What are some of the financial blunders you have made along the way? 

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