Memory Mixtape: July 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Memory Mixtape: July 2015
July is quickly creeping away from us and I wish I could get it to stick around just a little bit longer. This July will be remembered as being a month full of splashing around in a hot pink kiddie pool in an attempt to escape the 3-digit heat. It has been a month full of family and celebration. While there isn't one particular event that has made July memorable for me, I know it is one of those times that will remain with me. A time that I will someday long for. 

Music is often a great place for me to store the memories I want to re-visit. Once upon a time I was constantly on the hunt for new, great music. I like to think that helped to shape my sister's passion for discovering new music. She is always putting together fabulous playlists, so, in an effort to find a home for my memories, I've asked her to put together a monthly playlist full of 10 songs. 

This is my sister, Hannah, and this is her Youtube channel:Emma & Hannah

Now for some music for you to listen to, at work, on the way home, while you clean your house, basically whenever and wherever you can access Spotify.

What are some of the songs that will take you back to July 2015?

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