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Friday, July 24, 2015

Lovely Links and Funny Tweets Vol. 2
My day job operates around a monthly deadline. The week of the deadline is busy, stressful, and often frustrating leaving me longing for some downtime. This week was that deadline and I'm looking forward to escaping and unplugging for a bit this weekend. Tomorrow we have plans to go for a relaxing hike with some family. I'm also hoping to have less of a farmer's tan by Monday.

Lovely Links:

Stitch Fix V. Golden Tote - Last week I posted about my latest Golden Tote and after spending $5 to ship one of the shirts I didn't love to someone else, I'm inclined to agree with Cassie's overall verdict. 

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn - "There can be calm after the storm. It is darkest before the dawn. "

Good for You, I Mean it - "Don't listen to the voices that try to take the wind out of your sails, and when you do hear them, know that there are others like me out there cheering you on."

Why I Let my Kids Eat off of the Kids Menu - I didn't really realize all of my opinions on this until this post. 

Funny Tweets:

Man, oh man, I picked a good time to start sharing great tweets. Just in case you missed it, the adultery website, Ashley Madison was breached and lots of users were revealed. This is a big deal to me because it turns out the city in which I reside is one of the top 10 cities (number 4) with the most users per capita. Yowza! I'm looking at everyone suspiciously now

Here are four of my favorite tweets about this security breach:

What made you laugh this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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