Dreaming of a Fancy Sitting Room

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One of my favorite things about summer is getting out to check out the various Parade of Homes in my state. There are four! This was the first year I went to one as an actual homeowner so my perspective was teeny bit different. 

In the past I would daydream about the amazing house I would someday own. This year I understood reality and what we could actually afford. I wasn't daydreaming about some nonexistent house, I actually have one that I can slowly decorate. I love the bones of my house, but there is definitely a lot I want to change.

The first room I wanted ideas for was my sitting room. This is the first room someone will see when they come into my home and I want it to look nice!

Here are some pictures from the listing:
Sitting Room Before Purchase
We bought a couch, made two little pillows and bought two of these beauties. We also put our piano right next to the fireplace as it should be on an inside wall. (After looking at these pictures again, I'm wanting to move it to where the previous owners had their piano.) Not a whole lot has been done and I'm not at the point where I'm loving this room, hence the need for some inspiration.

1 | Ideas for the fireplace.

I have big dreams for this for this fireplace. Someday it's going to be converted to a gas fireplace. I'm also hoping to get rid of some of the bricks and updating the mantel. The Parade of Homes provided plenty of inspiration. Here are three of my favorites.
Brick Fireplace

Fancy Fireplace

Tile Fireplace
Obviously I have a thing for mostly white mantels. I think my favorite mantel is the third.I also love some additional wood work / tile at the base of the fireplace, so we will probably dispose of the brick found on our base and try to add some tile or something. I wonder what the "technical" term for that even is?

I love the way the brick looks on the first fireplace and need to spend some time on pinterest to figure out if we could make our bricks look similar. If you happen to already know how to do that, I would greatly appreciate the insight! 

I think, ideally, I would like to take out the gold accents of my fireplace. I'm guessing that will likely happen when we convert it. While we are in the sitting room, I should probably share some additional inspiration.

2 | Ideas for the walls.

I'm almost completely committed to choosing a paint color for above the chair rail based off of my Ikea pillow. At this point I'm leaning towards a berry color. The Parade of Homes helped me realize that I want additional woodwork below the chair-rail. Here are two examples that I really like: 
Sitting Room Walls

Fabric Within Woodwork
Maybe I'm just a simpleton, but I never thought of adding fabric or wallpaper within the woodwork. I really love the idea!

3 | Idea for the entrance.

Right now this room is wide open and I'm not really a fan. We plan on raising the ceiling in the entryway so when that happens the ceilings will be two different levels so I think it needs a more defined entrance. I didn't see a ton of entrances that I loved, but I really like the added glass.
Sitting Room Entrance

It's going to be a somewhat sad day when all of my house is completely decorated. 

Where do you get inspiration for your decor? Have you ever re-done a fireplace and have some tips?

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