Reminder: You Can Do Hard Things

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Prove yourself wrong. EverEmma

In an auditorium some 2,000 miles away she/he is saying my name. Although my coursework was finished back in March and I've already celebrated my new-found freedom, today is a momentous occasion. Today serves as a reminder that even when life seems impossible, you really can persevere to accomplish what may at times seem unattainable.

I’m all about goals, so for me life is all about moving forward, making each day better than the one before. The work done each and every day brings me one step closer to the dream I hope to someday make a reality. That doesn’t mean that it is an easy journey. There are moments when life kicks us in the teeth. Moments when we are flat-out exhausted and feel like we just cannot take anymore. It is in those moments that the other hard things we have overcome or accomplished can provide us with the strength to stand back up again. I think that is why it is so important to continually prove yourself wrong, after all you are your toughest critic.

Go after the things you do not think you could possibly get. Set goals that may seem slightly out of reach. I promise that if you do then you have the potential to eventually amaze yourself. I have some big plans for the future and I hope after this little pep talk that you do too. 

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