My Final Fix?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Final Stitch Fix by EverEmma

After three fixes, I have decided that Stitch Fix is not for me. . . at least for the time being. I really love the idea of Stitch Fix and I love how fancy I sound when I tell someone that my stylist selected this piece. For the record, I only said that once before I realized how ridiculous it sounded. I also really love getting something besides bills in the mail! Maybe someday I’ll decide to give it another go but for now Stitch Fix is not for me because:

  1.  I cannot afford to pay high prices for clothing that will likely end up covered in crayon, applesauce, vomit and anything else my child may smear on me on a daily basis. I would prefer to live in clothing that didn’t cost as much that I don’t care quite as much about.
  2. I really am not convinced that the items I am receiving are worth the amount they cost. The quality really doesn’t always seem to be anything to brag about so I don’t always feel justified in my purchase. My denim jacket is the exception. That was worth every penny. Who knew denim could be that soft? 
Let's talk about that final fix now, shall we?

The Goods of the final Stitch Fix by EverEmma

Bay to Bauble - Beaumont Delicate Bar Necklace ($28) // This is the only item I kept in my fix. I have grown to love this necklace and actually wear it all of the time! 

Sweet Rain - Lucio Confetti Print Blouse ($48) // I really love this blouse, but just couldn't see myself paying so much for a shirt that didn't even come with a lining. 

Gilli - Jodie Geo Print Skirt ($58) // This skirt belongs on a woman much older than myself. 

41Hawthorn - Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress ($48) // I cheated and Googled everything prior to receiving my fix and found this in a few fixes. I was really hoping that maybe I would like this in person, but not so much. I have so many issues with this dress. The color combo is wrong, the fit is awkward and doesn't seem to be flattering on anyone. On the positive side, the price isn't bad for a dress

Monoreno - Carlie Hooded Vest ($58) // This was the reason I got this fix in the first place. I had become obsessed with cargo vests and wanted to try it out for myself. When I first tried it on, I thought I loved it. I also thought it was black. Turns out it is navy and I cannot seem to pull off this particular trend. 

I really don't hate Stitch Fix and may consider it again in the future.

What are your thoughts on Stitch Fix?

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