Little e's Room Part 1

Friday, May 08, 2015

Little e's room

I'm slowly but surely overcoming my decorating paralysis by tackling a goal I set at the beginning of the year. I had originally thought that I would make the walls of little e's room striped with two different shades of pink, but changed my mind when I discovered how hard it was for me to find even one shade of pink that I actually liked! It's absurd how many different shades there are for every color and you just never really know how that shade you finally land on will look in your space.

After spending a couple of months agonizing over the decision (#firstworldproblems) I sat down and put together an inspiration board to motivate and inspire myself. I realized that in order to find the color that I liked I needed to understand how I wanted the room to feel. My inspiration board, containing photos from around Pinterest, helped me to focus, which in turn helped me finally commit to Valspar's Barely Pink. 

(FYI this is in no way sponsored by Valspar, whose coverage was seriously lacking. It took about 3 coats for little e's walls to look decent. If you're looking for paint, I would probably recommend Olympic instead.) 

I want the room to contain the following elements (crossing out elements upon completion):
  • A light shade of pink that could pass as a neutral for above the chair rail.
  • A darker color for below the chair rail, not necessarily a neutral. 
  • An alphabet wall
  • Fun prints and sayings
  • Framed photos of little e with her favorite people
  • A polka dot wall
  • Upgrade the window seat by making a seat cushion and get rid of the carpet.
  • Make or buy cushions for the window seat.
  • Upgrade the window itself. We have lots of old windows that need to be replaced.
  • Consider the possibility of adding another window in the room. 
  • Change the outlet covers.
  • Add built-in bookshelf by window seat
  • Add drawers to window seat.
  • Consider the possibility of adding an arch to the window seat area like in above picture
  • Change door handles
  • Refresh paint on chair rail and door
  • Find or make a quilt for little e's bed.
  • Update light fixture. Add a ceiling fan?
  • Fix up e's dresser
This is a reminder of what the room looked like when we bought the house. 

Over the past month I have completed a few things on the above list. I'll likely continue to post updates on Instagram and will occasionally blog about some of the bigger projects and the finished room. 

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