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Monday, January 26, 2015

A big thank you to Sharlee for today's post! I try really hard to get organized, and am so gung-ho about it for a few weeks and then I start to slack. I'm feeling that desire to slack, so this post is serving as a timely reminder! I'm excited to implement some of these tips.

Hello! I'm Sharlee and I blog over at My New Lines where I chronicle my life as a wife, mother, and woman. I share my triumphs and struggles in every area. I'm so glad Emma has allowed me to share some of her space with me today.

Blogging is a passion of mine. I've been blogging for less than a year at My New Lines, but I ran a blog prior to that for three years. Now I'm trying to juggle working from home with a new baby and things are bound to feel chaotic and crazy. I enjoy blogging as a hobby but also as a learning experience, I don't want it to become something I dread or stress about. I'm sharing some tips that help keep blogging consistent without causing me unnecessary stress. 

Select a Schedule that Works for You

I've quickly learned that blogging on a schedule benefits you and your readers. If you are trying to organize your writing and scheduling blog posts and other opportunities, it helps you to know which days you post.

Readers appreciate frequent posts, but they prefer consistency and quality over quantity most of the time. If you post the same three days every week or the same five days every week, your posts are likely to be higher quality and you are more likely to appear more professional and dedicated as a blogger--earning your readers' trust.

I am a new mom with a baby that has sleep troubles. I also do a little part-time work from home during her naps. I know that I can give three days of blog posts, more is just not in the cards for me at this time. Knowing that, I've chosen to schedule posts Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This helps me as I plan throughout the month. It also helps if I plan to do any collaborations with other bloggers or companies. Even if I'm scheduled, I can always add a post on a Thursday or move a post to the following week.

Blog Topics

Something that really helped me was narrowing down my blog post topics. When I started blogging, I planned to write more essay type posts about motherhood and marriage. But then I would find myself wanting to blog about body image or meal planning. I decided to choose about six topics that I would write about on my blog. That has helped me brainstorm and come up with topics. It also gives my posts some variety but maintain consistency. You can narrow your topics to as few or as many as you'd like, but it's best to keep them somewhat narrow. It allows you to find an audience, plan ahead, and attract companies or brands.

Blog Post Ideas

You'll probably find that once you zero in on your blog topics, you'll have a greater abundance of topic ideas. Something about simplicity really does inspire creativity. I've found that to be so true in many aspects of my life, including blogging.

I keep private Pinterest boards on each of those six topics. I use those boards to pin ideas that I can adapt or tweak or simply write an essay on. (I got this idea from Jana in this post.) I also keep post-it notes in my planner and jot down ideas as I have them. If my planner is not handy, I use my phone. Post ideas come to me a number of ways and if I'm prepared to record them I have plenty of writing material. (I have been keeping post-it notes for five months and I have enough  post ideas to last me about two months just waiting to be used).

I also find the more that I read--the better I write and the more topics I find. You don't have to post book reviews to benefit from reading a good book. I recently read a book that inspired some new year's goals that I posted about on my blog. 


Designer planners are all the rage with bloggers these days. And with good reason. It has been so beneficial for me to organize my blog posts in a planner. I can track the ideas I have in there as well as write in collaborative post dates, sponsored posts, and more. 

While I don't see a need for a designer planner for my blogging right now, I do have a Mead planner. It's pretty basic but I use it to jot down post topics as well as write down which days I want to cover which topic. It helps me maintain balance between my blog topics and it also helps me get things scheduled and written when it's time to sit down and actually write. 


This tip may not be for everyone, but it has worked for me. I try to schedule my blog posts at least one week ahead of time. I did this before I even went live with my blog. I wrote up six posts and scheduled them. That way, when I'm working on a post on a Wednesday, I have plenty of time before it needs to be published the following Wednesday.

If you would like to do this, but don't know how you'd make the time. Ask for guest bloggers for a week that you can get up and posted while you work on your own material or take a few days off. If you feel it will benefit you and your blogging in the long run, do it. 

You may not want to schedule a week ahead, but maybe just have the next post you plan on publishing always ready. You also might want to just keep some "backup" posts ready in case of emergencies. If you are in a situation where you want to post according to the schedule you've created but life happened and you don't have time to create a new post/image/etc. 

Those are some tips I have for staying organized while blogging. What are your favorite tips?

Thanks for having me today, Emma. If you are interested in connecting with me, I'd love to "meet" you! Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

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  1. Theres some fantastic tips here. I particularly like the topics tip. Is this different to categories?

  2. Hi Lisa, on Wordpress, topics would be the same as categories. Thanks for stopping by!