Before You Hit Publish Part I

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Before You Hit Publish: A checklist for every post. Part I

I'm a self-proclaimed listaholic. I make a list every single day to help me stay on track and I have papers with lists floating around my house. My lists help me to keep my sanity and they help me to be much more organized and strategic in the way that I approach various aspects of my life. I even make lists for this blog. 

One list I hadn't yet made was a list to consult prior to publishing each post. I'm embarrassed to admit that some posts are lacking in quality and some serious errors have gotten through due to my lack of a list to consult. 

You and I should check the following before we hit that little "publish" button: 

Attention-Grabbing Title

Keep it short and simple. Your readers should have a pretty good idea of what they are getting into by the title alone.

Pin-Worthy Image

We are visual creatures. Each post published should contain a large image or graphic that is worthy of Pinterest. Seriously, ask yourself, "Would I pin this?" It will make your blog look prettier and will help drive traffic from Pinterest, Facebook or Google +.

Also, make sure that your first image is especially amazing as that is the image that will pull into readers like Bloglovin or Feedly.

Title / Alt Text for Images

Adding both of these can help make your blog ADA friendly and can better help search engines know what your blog is all about. If you don't know how to do this then go here

Credit for Images

Check the copyright for any image you intend to use. Some licenses do not require attribution, but many do. Make sure you are aware of the license prior to publishing so you don't find yourself in a sticky situation. I shared a great source for photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero here.

Internal / External Links

Make an effort to link back to previous posts. Also, pay it forward to other bloggers. Look around for similar posts or for posts about something you are discussing from around the web. This could help you gain some additional future traffic. I can't speak for everyone, but when I see that I'm getting some additional traffic from a particular site, I do my best to send some of my own traffic their way.

Affiliate Links

I'm all about maximizing the potential to earn a little bit of somethin', somethin'. There are a lot of great affiliate programs so that you can potentially earn a little here and there for products you're already featuring. Amazon Affiliates has yet to make me rich, but maybe someday.

Check Links

There is nothing more annoying or unprofessional than finding a post with incorrect or broken links. Always check your links!

FTC Disclosure

You are legally required to state when you have received some sort of compensation for a review or feature. Compensation does not just refer to money, but also refers to any goods or services received.

A Post Publishing Checklist by EverEmma

Check out Part II.

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