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Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday 5 by Ever Emma
For the entire month of January I'm blogging mainly about blogging. Blogging has been my constant creative outlet for the past four years and I like to think that I have learned a lot along the way. I love learning about the different things, apps, sites, etc. that people use to make blogging a teeny bit easier. Today I'm sharing 5 of my favorite items in my blogging toolkit. 

My Blogging Toolkit everemma.blogspot.com

1 | Peek by UserTesting:

Do you ever wonder what your blog looks like to the rest of the world? Sure, you can ask your friends and family for feedback, but how honest are they really going to be? Peek by UserTesting has a total stranger, whose identity won't be revealed, look at your site and provide their honest opinion. This service is free to use 3 times a month and it's awesome. I never would have realized that my font was too small without it!

2 | Unsplash:

I don't know anything about photography. Eventually I'd like to save up for a DSLR and learn a thing or two, but for now I'm just a little bit busy. In the meantime, I'm grateful that there are talented people who share their work online under Creative Commons Zero. When I first began blogging I thought you could do whatever you want when it comes to pictures, but that isn't quite the case. I am getting a tad nervous about photos in general after reading this blog post.

3 | Buffer Extension for Chrome:

Chrome is the best browser availble. End of discussion. I love Buffer because it allows me to schedule and share things from around the web on my social media outlets, without actually having to go to Buffer. I'm all about convenience.

4 | ColorZilla for Chrome:

This extension is awesome because it can save the color hex value for any color you come across on the interweb. It can also help you keep track of the colors  you use in your own design. Win!

5 | WhatFont for Chrome:

I'm a collector of fonts so I'm consistently wondering about the fonts others use. This app answers my, "What font is this" question. No more guessing required!

What are some of the tools in your blogging toolkit?

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  1. I've never heard of Peek, but it sounds extremely cool and handy. Thanks for the heads up about it. I will definitely be looking into it!

  2. stopping by for oh hey friday! I LOVE fonts. I'm a bit obsessed. I've got What the Font for Chrome and an app on my smart phone that tells me what things are. You just take a picture of the font and it tells you what it is :)

    Midwest Darling

  3. I've never used any of these, but they all sound fantastic! Checking them out now :)

  4. the font one is a nifty little thing. i signed up for buffer but honestly don't really know how to use it, so haven't yet. i agree about chrome. i'm weary about photos as well, and try to only use my own or free ones as well. scary!

  5. It is so cool! It's a little nerve-wracking, but so helpful.

  6. I'm happy I could introduce you to some awesome tools! Hopefully, you will discover a new favorite.

  7. Buffer reminds me a lot of Hootsuite, but I love the added function that allows you to share and schedule things you find via Bloglovin or around the web in general. I definitely don't have the money to deal with a photo lawsuit, so, hopefully, that will never happen!