The 4 Most Annoying Readers

Monday, December 29, 2014

4 Most Annoying Readers by
While I often find kindred spirits in fellow readers, there are a few types who bug me big time. Here are the 4 types of readers with whom I never want to talk books.

1 | No Spoiler Alert

This reader is a major turd. They see you reading a book they have already read and they want to talk about it. No big deal, right? Wrong! This reader has no problem spoiling the book for you, but does it in such a way that it seems innocent enough. Before you realize what they are doing, the book is spoiled. Their favorite phrase is, "Have you gotten to the part where such and such happens?"

2 | The English Major

My degree is in English and even I hate the typical English major. They know what every single symbol or metaphor represents. They have to analyze and critique every single aspect of book and can never just read for the sake of reading. If you don't agree with them, then they fall back on the, "Well, I was an English major," argument. Obnoxious.

not leviosar

3 | Stuck in a Genre

This reader is stuck in their comfort-zone and refuses to explore. They are convinced that they couldn't possibly enjoy any other genre more than the genre they are stuck in.The reasoning for this is that they once read a book in the genre you're suggesting and they just didn't like it. Makes sense, right? One book is a perfect representation of an entire genre.

Jane Austen, Jane Eyre kind of girl

4 | Claims Book is A "Fav" Despite Only Seeing The Movie

This is the "reader" who bugs me the most. There seems to be an increase of this type of reader as more and more books are being made into movies. It can be hard to weed these "readers" out, but they almost always give themselves away eventually. Some movies do a great job at following the plot but the book is almost always better than the movie! Watching the movie is not the same as reading the book.

#read the book

If you are one of the above readers, we can still be friends. We just need to find some other common ground, because we will not be discussing books. Seriously, I refuse.

Is there a certain type of reader who drives you crazy?

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  1. Lol! This was funny, but absolutely true! I really dislike these types of readers, especially #1. I think I've been lucky enough not to run into many #2. And #4? Well... I can hardly consider them readers if they haven't even read the book. That's just plain ridiculous! Maybe you love the movie, but it can hardly be your favourite book if haven't read it!

  2. Haha I HATE spoilers!! So rude. And one of my pet peeves is people who equate movie adaptations to their original books. I especially hate comments like this: "Oh, Harry Potter? I don't know; I haven't seen the movie." Ahem?! You mean you haven't read the book, right?! I'm sure you agree. :)

  3. Yes! #1 is the worst ever. I often feel like throwing my book at them whenever they spoil it!

    I met my first #4 while in college. This girl had me convinced that she enjoyed reading until she told me her favorite part of some book that had never actually happened in the book. I can't recall which book it was. I guess I was so traumatized by the experience and the fact that she referred to herself as a bookworm that I just blocked it out. So weird!

  4. hahaha Yes! The movie is not at all the same as the book! That drives me crazy.