Stitch Fix Numero Dos

Thursday, December 04, 2014

I was a total slacker and never posted a review for my first Stitch Fix. That is a total bummer because I only got the best denim jacket on the planet. In an effort to redeem myself I'm attempting to review Stitch Fix - Number Two.

If you follow me on Instagram then you are probably somewhat aware that my daughter loves to shred paper. . .a lot. Somehow she got her hands on my invoice with all the information concerning each piece and my helpful hubby threw it away. (No sarcasm. I'm grateful I didn't have to pick up all the teeny pieces!)

 Luckily, I'm really good at numbers and can recall the prices of most of these. Unfortunately I'm the worst at names so I have come up with my own. One of the awesome things about Stitch Fix is that they reference your Pinterest Board for inspiration. If you see something you like you should pin it and mention it in your note to your stylist. If they can hook you up, they will.

Let's begin with some initial reactions, shall we?:

The Goods:

Stitch Fix Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace:

 I can't recall exactly how much this one was. I really love the chain, but it lost me at the icicle-looking jewels. I feel like this would look really good in Mindy Kaling's wardrobe, but mine is nowhere near as flashy. I'm all about subtlety folks. RETURNED.

Stitch Fix Plaid Top

Lace Detail on Stitch Fix Plaid Top

Plaid Top ($37):

This top felt really cheap to me. It had these really cheap plastic buttons and after buying a Skies Are Blue button-down a few months ago I just can't go back to cheap looking tops. I did, however, really like the lace detail. RETURNED

I like to refer to this as the Hunger Games sweater jacket ($72):

I did not volunteer as tribute! I get why people like the whole Asymmetrical thing but I didn't really like it on a sweater jacket. I also really didn't like how this was not versatile at all. The only way it looked kind of good was zipped up. I really only want pieces that I can wear multiple ways. RETURNED

This picture has two pieces.

Double Layer Bar Necklace ($28):

I really liked this piece. I actually almost kept it, but it was just too long for me. I've never really been a huge fan of wearing long necklaces. I really love the layers though! RETURNED

Striped, Dark Green Dolman Sweater ($48):

At first I didn't like this top. It has a hemline that I don't like and I really hate the dolman style, but then I started trying it on with everything I own. True, I own far too many stripes, but I really love how this top alternates the direction of the stripes on the sleeve. I also really love the color and how versatile this top is. I can dress it down or up so I KEPT it.


I really, really love Stitch Fix and if you haven't tried it yet, then you really should. If you're consistently updating your Pinterest board and sharing specific feedback then I think you will find at least one piece that you will love. My very favorite part is that it is so convenient. No longer do I have to rush through the store and cross my fingers that E remains in a good mood. I now have 3 days to try everything on at home to get an idea of how it fits in my wardrobe. 

My hubby would really love it if you ordered your first box via this referral link: Stitch Fix. When you order your first box I get a $25 credit towards my next box and you can have the same opportunity to get a $25 credit when you share your unique link with your friends! 

Big thanks to my director and style consultant, Jelly Bean:

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