How I Pick My Next Read

Thursday, December 18, 2014

How I Pick My Next Read by

You know what is really hard? Picking a new book to read after you have just finished an amazing book. It seems like nothing could possibly measure up to that book and you find yourself unable to let go and move on. The books I pick up after an incredible read are often unfairly judged and prematurely put down. In an effort to have that happen less I have come up with a few tricks to determine what I should read next. 

The most recent book to leave me in a major funk was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. This is my s#@% hit the fan in a big way look, with a slight smize

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

You guys, that book was intense. Very rarely do books with multiple points of view work for me. I usually find that each character sounds the same, especially when they are all the same gender. Moriarty created three unique, strong, female leads that were easy to tell apart. This was a book that was intriguing and difficult to put down, because the writing was that good! Needless to say I was pretty bummed to reach the end. 

I finished it a few days ago and I have yet to move on but I may be employing one of the following methods to discover my next read.

1 | Read something else by the same author.

Whenever I go this route I check first to see what else I have already added to my to-be-read (TBR) list by that author. In this case I have What Alice Forgot on my list so I may just read that. If I didn't have any of the author's other works on my TBR then I would probably go with the book with the highest average rating on Goodreads, The Husband's Secret

2| Use the "Readers Also Enjoyed" feature on Goodreads.

This feature is yet another reason why you should  be on Goodreads! When you are on the page for a book you should see the following:

Readers Also Enjoyed Feature on Goodreads

If you click on "Readers Also Enjoyed" then you will be taken to a page with a list full of similar books that you may enjoy! I just made your TBR list that much longer. 

When I use this feature I typically check first to see if any books on my existing TBR list are on there. If I find that these are all new books then I start reading summaries to see which one appeals to me the most.

3 | Visit What Should I Read Next

What Should I Read Next is similar to the "Readers Also Enjoyed" feature but with some additional suggestions. What I like about this is that each book listed has a list of keywords associated with the title. This is especially helpful if there was one particular element that you especially enjoyed in your last read.  

Big Little Lies - What Should I Read Next

Here's to hoping I get out of this funk!

How do you pick your next read? Do you do anything different when you find yourself with a book-hangover?

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  1. I use a lot of the same "strategies" that you use. I also surf Amazon and look up previous books I liked, and see the recommendations they have too.

  2. I actually go with what book is next on my TBR pile, or whatever book I need to review. But this is a pretty good system I will have to try sometime. Whenever I need something for book hangover.

  3. The "readers also enjoyed" feature is so dangerous. As is the "people who bought this also bought" feature on Amazon!

    I usually choose my next book based on what's on my shelves at home waiting to be read. If I don't have anything (unlikely!) or there is nothing there that appeals to me at that moment in time, I'll move on to my wishlist and maybe order something. But picking my next book usually happens when I'm about to leave for work and realise I have no book for the commute... horror! So it's a case of whichever book within easy grabbing distance looks interesting.

  4. I loved this book and read it in like three days!! I couldn't put it down!! I can't wait until the movie comes out!!

  5. Great tips! Sometimes I get stuck and have no clue what to read!!!
    Melanie @

  6. i haven't read a book in ages!! :(

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. I love these ideas! I get stuck after amazing books too. Nothing looks as good. I totally know how you feel. I really like the goodreads idea!