*WANTED* Guest Posts for January

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I like to dabble in a lot of different things and I think this blog is a reflection of that. Unfortunately my dabbling has left me knowing a decent amount about a lot of different things, but I don't really feel like I'm excelling at anything in particular. Thinking about this has only increased my desire to excel at something.

I've been blogging off and on for a few years now, but I never really took it seriously. I never really realized that you can excel at blogging. When I came to that realization I found myself wanting to learn all that I could. I think for me I will feel like I have excelled when I am in a position where people are wanting my advice. It would be amazing to someday be influential enough to set up a mentoring program for bloggers.

I thought it would be really awesome to make January all about blogging, and that is where you come in!

Is there a blogger out there who doesn't like to talk about blogging? We all blog for a reason and the majority of us love it enough to keep coming back. Let's all share our passion and learn from one another!

It doesn't matter if your blog is huge or small. You can have thousands of page views or none at all.  I don't even care if you have been blogging for three years, three months or three days. Your blog can be about fashion, books or even cats. If you blog then, I want to hear from you!

A Few Ideas To Get Those Wheels Spinning

  • Tips for obtaining and keeping a following.
  • Reflections on the progress you have made so far.
  • How you define success in blogging.
  • How you found your "tribe."
  • Things you should(n't) do when blogging.
  • Where you get your inspiration.
  • How blogging has changed the way you read, your style, your hair, your friendships, your life, etcetera.
  • Why you blog.
  • Why you keep blogging.
  • How you stay organized while blogging.
  • How you balance your life, work, family with blogging.
  • Sponsorship - When, how, why you started or even why you don't like them.
  • Working with companies. 
  • Embarrassing blogging story.
  • Photography tips.
  • Legal tips.
  • How you handle your social media.
  • Blog branding.
  • Finding your niche.

As long as it relates to blogging in some way then let's connect!

What Is In It For You

Granted, my blog following is fairly small. I'm working on it, guys! I am going to be stomping some major pavement to try to get some of my favorite bloggers involved in this project. This could lead to some pretty decent exposure for your blog. Maybe we could even be friends. You can't have too many friends, right? Right?!

Have I convinced you yet? I certainly hope so! What you will want to do now is fill out the below form so that we can start getting to know / working with one another.

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