Holding On & Letting Go

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Almost seven years ago I left my childhood home with nothing but a suitcase and a few boxes. Flash forward to today. My parent have moved from that childhood home and brought with them this mess:

What a mess

I only took a picture of half of the room. I wish this was all.

I'm quickly realizing that not all of this is mine, but I still have to go through it. I really hate stuff so just knowing this is all in my basement is stressing me out to no end. At first I thought I would just keep a handful of things, but then I sat down and started actually looking through each box. These boxes contain eighteen years of my life. It's strange to go through things you haven't seen in such a long time. Part of me feels like I'm looking through someone else's things but the other part of me is being flooded with so many memories.

How can I decide what to keep, sell, trash, or donate?


I was and am still pretty sentimental. I came across this great article the other day about a guy who was going through his mother's things. He realized that we are much more than our possessions and items alone do not contain memories.(Letting Go of Sentimental Items by Joshua Fields Millburn) When it comes to sentimental items I'm limiting myself to one medium sized box, whatever doesn't fit has to go.

A lot of the boxes contain books. I made sure to get a copy of just about every book I enjoyed while growing up. My little one has quite the library! I think I'll try to sort a bunch of these by age level and slowly bring them out.As for the more adult books, I may go through them and see what is still interesting to me and get rid of the rest.

There are a few decorative items in these boxes. If I don't see myself putting them somewhere then they need to go.

I may also have a box full of stuffed animals. Like the books I think I will bring these out as we go. I'll never have to buy my any of my kids stuffed animals, so that's fun.


I was one weird kid. I have a bunch of things like the below Barbie camera, that I never actually opened. I also have some nineties awesomeness like my Tamagotchi. I'm kind of hoping that maybe, just maybe I can get a little bit of change for those.

Barbie Camera


Ugh, I'm so annoyed with myself! I kept practically everything.

Anyway, I've decided to just trash all of the silly posters and programs from the shows I was in. I'll just tell my kids about it. Maybe someday I'll find my way back to a stage but in the meantime I'm not going to dwell on any of that. I don't need it and that was never what I wanted for my life.

I also found a bunch of notes and letters from people I was friends with. I'll probably trash those as well, unless they are still part of my life, Facebook doesn't really count.

Anything broken or not in good condition will also go.


Whatever I don't think I can sell, but is still in good condition I will donate or give it away to people who may want it.

I have a feeling this is going to take awhile. It's so emotional draining! How do you decide what to keep, sell, trash, or donate?

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