Friday Five - The Thankful Edition

Friday, November 21, 2014

This time of year is one of my favorites. I don't necessarily enjoy the weather, but I love all of the celebrations.

My little one is just over a year so we have been reading picture books about Thanksgiving all month long. Each picture book has its own take on what Thanksgiving is about, but the obvious overarching theme is gratitude. It's funny how something so simple can make you pause to reflect. Sometimes I lose sight of what certain things are really about, especially when I'm busy making to-do lists in my mind. Today I want to share five things I feel especially grateful for today:

1 | I'm grateful that this beauty is back in my life.

This is my piano, Linus. Yes, I name the things I own. He is the best birthday present I have ever received, and I am grateful to be reunited with him after 7 years. I'm not amazing at playing the piano, but I sure do love to try.

I'm also grateful that we successfully moved him up three steps into our living room and we don't have to move him again for quite some time. Pianos are friggin heavy.

My Piano: Linus

2 | I'm grateful to finally have my side of the family within a 2 hour radius.

This goes along with number 1, because up until a few weeks ago my family, and Linus, were 2,000 some miles away. They are now about 80 miles away and it is amazing! I used to think that I wouldn't mind living away from the lot of them but something happens when you actually become a grownup, especially when you  have a kid. 

3| I'm grateful that both my husband and I have good, secure, flexible jobs.

When I graduated from college, almost 3 years ago, the job prospects weren't good for recent graduates. I was fortunate enough to obtain full-time employment before graduation and have been fortunate enough to remain at the company ever since. It's a great job that definitely spoils me. I work from home in the field that I have wanted to work in! 

When my husband finished up his degree we thought for sure that he would need additional schooling to get anything. We applied several places but started planning to move for graduate school. Then, out of the blue, he found a position which led to an even better position.

I've seen how stressful and scary it can be when your job isn't secure. We have been so incredibly blessed and I am grateful every day.

4| I'm grateful for funny people who come up with funny videos that make me laugh. 

It's a requirement that I laugh at least 10 times a day. Jimmy Kimmel has helped me meet my quota numerous times. 

5| I'm grateful for music.

This week I'm especially loving OMI - Cheerleader. I'm grateful that I have been able to dance around the house to this song all week long!

What are you especially grateful for today?

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