4 Lessons Learned From Judy Greer

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I know what you're thinking right now.

No really, I do.

It's either: "Who is Judy Greer?" or "She looks vaguely familiar. How do I know her".

Am I right? I thought the same thing too and then I realized that I have seen Judy in a lot of different roles. One of my favorite is crazy Kitty from Arrested Development:

I got really excited when I started to realize who she is. She has had all kinds of great roles and has worked with a lot of people in the biz that I really like. I was prepared to laugh, but I was not quite prepared for some of the life lessons that came my way.

1| Lots of parties suck, including the Oscars, so you should always be prepared.

Reading about Judy's awful experience at the Oscars made me feel so much better. I really hate going to parties. I'm not naturally a social creature. It's something I'm working on, but typically at parties everyone always seems to know someone else so they all just group off and you're left standing there trying not to look as awkward as you feel. Guys, Judy can relate.

She attended a cocktail hour, knew no one there and it was excruciating. Time moved so slowly that a few minutes felt like an hour. It was so bad that she contemplated causing the guy passing champagne to spill just to have something to do. From that event she learned 5 lessons. I'll only share one:
"Load a book on my iPhone so I can at least read something interesting while I stand alone at parties from now on."
Technically I have already learned this lesson, it's just nice to have some validation.

The chapter on the Oscars was so entertaining so you should probably get a copy of this so that you know what I mean.

2| Intimidated by someone? Listen to them pee.

Judy has worked with some pretty big names and that can be fairly intimidating until something happens to remind her that even big-time celebrities are just people too. One such event is peeing next to a celebrity. She says,

". . . there is something so humanizing about bodily functions. I think it's what really levels the playing field."
You can't see me but the intro to this chapter is still making me giggle, probably because I totally agree! I have to consistently remind myself that nobody is perfect. We are all humans and we all fart, sometimes on accident. When you keep that in mind the intimidating person doesn't seem quite as intimidating.

3| Some relationships just aren't going to work.  Save yourself time and money and move on.

Judy spends some time reflecting on the contents of her forty-two journals. She mentions that she spent a lot of time writing about boys and how often she tried so hard to make relationships work that were never going to be right. I think so many women can relate to this. I'm cringing just thinking about all of the dumb boys and silly relationships that are mentioned in my own journals. Can I just burn them all? Bonfire at my place! 

I think a lot of women think that if they only did x,y,z then things will be better and will work, neglecting to realize that it shouldn't be so hard to be in a happy relationship.

4| Before you have another child, evaluate why.

Judy is an only child so she spends a chapter talking about siblings and what it is like to be an only child. She also spends some time speculating about why people have more than one child. I found her speculations especially insightful and relevant to my own life.

My little one is only a little over a year old but we have started to talk about when we think we may want another child. We never once have talked about why we want another child.  I realized today that Judy may be onto something when she says,

"I think I am right that most second children are initially desired as a companion for the first. . . ."
I actually found myself thinking about that today! I randomly felt sad for Ellie because she has to hang out with boring, old me the majority of the time and I suddenly thought that she may enjoy life so much more with someone to play with, like a sibling. Then I realized the ridiculousness of that thought and promptly took my birth control.

If you are looking for an entertaining read then you should really borrow a copy of I Don't Know What You Know Me From I promise you will laugh at least four times.

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