You Have to Begin Somewhere

Monday, October 06, 2014

I used to be of the mindset that there was only one correct way to live. That was a mindset that I clung to for twenty-three years. I felt that I didn't need to know much more than the basics of many other schools of thought because what I had was correct. Then something unexpected happened.

The moment I had spent my entire life preparing and sacrificing for was not the spiritual, enlightening experience for which I had hoped. That experience rocked my world and I found myself going through and evaluating every aspect of my faith.  That was two years ago and I'm still not entirely sure where I stand, but I know that my soul remains hungry and my heart still aches.

I don't really want to make anyone believe or disbelieve anything. Having a belief system can help provide purpose and meaning to an otherwise meaningless world. My intention is to simply share the nuggets of wisdom and goodness that I come across as I try to re-establish my faith. 

A New Earth by Eckhart TolleI've been on this journey for a long time, prior to this blog. I really want to better document my journey so that I can better understand my overall beliefs.

I am starting by sharing my thoughts as I read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This is my first time reading this book so, who knows, I may just find that I think a lot of it is nonsense. I plan on devoting a post to each chapter and sharing what I have learned and my thoughts. I want to work through several different books and religious texts and will try to document my thoughts on all that I read.

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