Halloween Traditions

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ever since my little one was born, last October, I have found myself thinking a lot about traditions. I love traditions. Traditions give you something to look forward to and it's comforting to me to have something to count on year after year.

I'm still trying to determine what traditions I want to have with my little family. Since Halloween is the next holiday in the USofA I may as well start there with my version of the 13 Days of Halloween

October 19 - Spookify the House

As of right now I own exactly one Halloween decoration so this won't take very long. I really do like Halloween though so the activity on the 21 will help add to my decoration.

Eventually, my goal is to make my front room change with the seasons and the holidays. There are some great Halloween Prints here.

October 20 - Go "Booing"

This is basically ding, dong, ditch but with a Halloween twist. You make two neighbors something yummy and leave them a note explaining that they have been "Booed." They then are supposed to pay it forward and boo two other neighbors. To ensure that the same people aren't "booed" repeatedly you hang up a sign on your door that shows that you have already been "booed."

There are a bunch of prints for that here.

October 21 - Do a Spooky Craft

I love Pinterest. There are so many great ideas on there that I would never have thought of. I'm thinking that this year I will try out a House-O-Lantern.

October 22 - Have Some Apple Cider

October 23 - Walk Around the Neighborhood

This is our first Halloween in our neighborhood. I'm hoping there are at least a handful of houses that get really into Halloween.

October 24 - Glow Bowling

Something about glow bowling has always seemed like a good Halloween activity to me.

October 25 - Pumpkin Patch

I really want to get into the habit of picking out a few pumpkins each year. That was something we only did a handful of times growing up but I remember enjoying it.

October 26 - Decorate / Carve Pumpkin

October 27 - Make Homemade Root Beer

We'll probably try to follow this recipe this year and see how it goes.

October 28 - Watch a "Scary Movie"

What I should say is watch Hocus Pocus today. That is the movie I always end up watching every year anyway.

October 29 - Read Halloween Stories

I thought ahead and reserved a bunch of Halloween-related picture books from the library so we will probably read some of those. Nothing too scary yet, but we do have two of the Scary Stories Books so maybe someday we will give those a try. The pictures still creep me out!

October 30 - Have a Halloween-Themed Dinner

Make everything creepy and creative. There are so many great ideas on pinterest like these "Meatball Mummies" and Eyeball Taco Salad. Someday I would love to go all out and host a spooky Halloween dinner!

October 31 - Trick or Treat!

I'm not sure that we'll do all of these this year, since my classes start up on October 20, but eventually I want to go all out and really enjoy this spooky, magical time of year.

What traditions do you have in your family?

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