Fall 2014: New to My Screen

Monday, September 15, 2014

I may not pay for cable these days but thanks to Hulu, and the fact that you can watch pretty much anything online, I still get excited for the new fall lineup. Here are six new shows that I'll probably make an effort to watch.

After looking at what all the major networks have to offer it seems like there are a lot of similar new shows this fall. There are at least 2 new shows about superheros, politics, and children being murdered. Oy vey. I'm not really a fan of super intense shows or superheros so all of my picks are mostly lighthearted.

Jane the Virgin

First off,  how ridiculous is this concept?! It is all kinds of unbelievable to me but it is definitely an entertaining "what if" scenario. I'm excited to see how Jane deals with this huge change in every aspect of her life. Although, I cringe and experience some phantom pain thinking about what that birth is going to be like. This is a CW show so it could either be really entertaining or cheesy to the extreme.



There is a huge possibility that this show will annoy me so much that I won't even make it through the first episode. However, I like the basic concept because who doesn't love the Pygmalion storyline? I think at this point we all know someone who is more focused on their virtual life than their actual life. Hopefully this show will make us all laugh and stop for some self-reflection.


The Mysteries of Laura

What appeals to me, besides Debra Messing (Why wasn't I born a redhead?) is that not only do you have the mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you also have humor. I think that this show will be entertaining and will occasionally make me chuckle.


A to Z

Awwwwwwww! This looks like it is going to be so cute and full of warm fuzzies. I see that the premiere is already on Hulu so I'll probably watch it soon. I wonder if each episode will incorporate a letter. Also, what happens when we get to Z? Is the show over at that point? If so then that is really okay with me. I cannot understand why we drag out so many shows past the point that they were actually good.*Grey's Anatomy*


Madam Secretary

This show looks so interesting to me! I'm excited to see Hollywood's take on what this position would be like. I always love shows that are interesting, deal with serious topics and yet don't feel too heavy. I'm very excited for this premiere. For those who want a similar show that feels much more heavy then check out State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl. I wonder if she thinks the writing on this show is Emmy worthy.

Fresh Off the Boat

The accents are horrific, but the preview kept me laughing. I feel like this will be the "chinese" version of Everybody Hates Chris, which I didn't totally love. However, I'll probably give this a try.

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