Any Thoughts on How to Manage Your TBR List?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ladies and gents, my TBR list has gotten OUT OF CONTROL! I thought I could solve my predicament by creating a new list full of books that I plan on reading soon, but now that is growing to a ridiculous size and I know it's going to get to the point that "soon" will be a year. One of my resolutions was to limit what I add to my TBR, but let's be serious, there are too many awesome books being released and I keep stumbling across older books that also sound amazeballs. Basically every time I think of all the books I want to read and how little time I have to read them I can't help but do the following: 

Oy vey! So how do you people do it? How do you organize your upcoming books to read? Do you put priority on release dates, library due dates? Do you make a realistic list every month of books to read that month and stick to it? I'm just trying to find a way to better organize my reading, so tips of any kind are greatly appreciated! 

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  1. I so relate to that face. If I sign up for a tour and have a hard date, I'll stick to it. Of course, I sign up for a lot of them and that means that sometimes those are all that I'm reading. When I have a break I'll fit in a book that an author asked me to read and I'll read those in order of request. And every once and awhile I'll throw in whatever else tickles my fancy. I know that's probably not very helpful. But it's something. If you come across a brilliant idea let me know! This is one of my resolutions for the year so I hope to get my stuff together before the end of February, haha. :)