Why Either, Or Decisions? - Felicity Edition

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Oy vey. What a wrap-up to a crazy year. This last week's worth of episodes were difficult for me to categorize into one single blog entry because so much happened and so quickly! I feel stressed and completely ready for my own little summer vacation, yet at the same time I'm dying to know who Felicity spent her summer with, Ben or Noel or neither? So many decisions we made this season, but this last choice feels monumental. This decision will change the direction for not just how the next couple of months will go, but also for the rest of her life.

If Felicity happened to be here in person and if we were friends, which let's be serious we probably would be,  you can bet your entire bank account that I would feel obligated to try to give her some advice.  My advice would be this. . . .

"Felicity, are you serious right now? Why Ben or Noel? Why are those the only options? Think over the past year. You pulled a crazy move and came out here to New York because Ben wrote in your yearbook. Which, by the way, was really bizarre. I could understand if you were actually friends but you barely knew the kid! Then he was really awful and dated your best friend, besides me of course.  As a result you realized, surprise, you didn't actually know him after all so you got with Noel who didn't tell you he had a girlfriend. Then he broke up with said girlfriend when she talked about moving in together. Just when things seemed comfortable and somewhat promising in your own relationship he is suddenly not sure he wants to be with you so you run out and sleep with art boy, who I'm willing to bet did a porno or two on the side. He just has that look. Girl, look at the history! Why are the only conclusions being made either, or?

Clearly, Noel has serious commitment issues. Right when things get comfortable he FREAKS out. He is in no way ready for any sort of real commitment, just ask Hannah. As for Ben the guy has more baggage than you can carry. He dumped your sweet best friend and is now chasing you right after you got jiggy with Simon (?). Girlfriend, he so obviously wants in your pants! Before now he thought you were weird and unavailable. Now he thinks you're weird and easy. . . seriously simple math here. . . .

I think it's time for you to spend some time learning about yourself. You haven't even figured out what you want to major in and you are just hanging out with total bone-heads. Forget Noel and Ben. . . for a few years at least

Be that friend that they wish they could date. Flirt a little. Live a lot! Maybe in a few years they will be ready to explore a meaningful relationship and then you could get serious. . . if you're still interested that is."

What do you think? Am I right? 

What would you say to Felicity if she asked for your help deciding who she should spend her summer with? 

I think sometimes in life we think a decision is so black and white or either, or. What we neglect to see is that with many decisions in life there is also a third option that an outside party might be able to see more clearly than you can. Never limit yourself to two options. Explore all the possibilities. Some of my best decisions have been made when I allow myself to think outside of the box or when I am open to someone else's view of the situation I am in. Just some food for thought.

XO Emma

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