Start Anew - Felicity Edition

Monday, July 09, 2012

So far I think it's safe to say that Felicity's sophomore year has sucked big time. She followed Ben on his road-trip and he turned out to be a real winner.

On top of that her first friend of college can't stand her. Honestly, though that's not such a horrible thing to me. I really think Julie is the worst!

The boy she should have stayed with couldn't say one nice thing to her and now he is moving on with yet another freshman. What is up with him? 

What is a girl to do when her feelings are hurt and she is trying to start anew without moving? Cut her hair of course! Duh. Can anyone else remember just how big of a deal this was back in the day? The ratings dropped big time. I was eleven and I can still remember hearing about it! 

I am the queen of new beginnings. Every single day I am working to get over past failures or hurt feelings. I am also working every single day to be more like the woman I have always wanted to be. Along the way I have learned a few things to make life and transformations more enjoyable and lasting.

1. Find words to live by: mantras, scriptures, passages, adjectives you wish people would use to describe you, or even an entire book like my favorite Change Your Life in 30 Days by Rhonda Britten. The main point is that these words can, if you really believe them and apply them, become part of who you are. When something is repeated enough times you start to believe it.

2. Don't dwell on the past; live in the moment: I am the worst at this. Being on the computer for work all day makes it kind of difficult to avoid Facebook. Sometimes it seems like the rest of the world is having a great time, all the time. Talk about discouraging! You know what though? That's hardly the case. Seriously. A lot of those people think their life is kind of boring too.

3. Get over yourself: Focus on everybody else for awhile. If you choose to dwell instead then, shocker!, you won't be very happy. See how you can help people around you and while I'm at it. .  treat people as if they are already one of your best friends. When I sat down awhile ago and thought about all of the people who I wanted to be more like I realized that they all had one thing in common. They genuinely treated me as if we were already great friends. I love being around people like that and I think it's safe to say that you probably do too.

4.Come from a place of yes: I love to have a plan and being spontaneous kind of stresses me out. However, I began to realize about a year ago that because I was saying no to so much I was really missing out on some great opportunities. If I have time and I won't die or do something against my beliefs then why not say yes?! When I started saying yes, my life became much more exciting.

Do you have any tips for starting fresh? Any sayings that you love?

XO Emma

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