Burger Challenge

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't think this is a secret, but I LOVE food. Seriously cannot get enough. I am always searching for something delicious and I want only the best! Life is short, my friends! My sister, Hannah, and I have been talking about having a burger challenge for about a year now in the hopes that we would know for certain where the best burger in the area truly was. There were plenty of opinions and suggestions given on where to go so we picked four places, recruited two friends and their taste buds and got to eating.

Stop Numero Uno: Burger Bar located in Roy, UT.  Don't let the yellow siding fool you. This place is kind of a big deal. It was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and has won numerous awards. Surely they must have the best burger, right?

Unfortunately the answer to the above, technically rhetorical question, is sadly no. We could all agree that the bun was nice and solid but the "Big Ben" left a lot to be desired. The patty was essentially a McDonalds patty and lettuce and fry sauce are pathetic excuses for supporting actors. While this was the most affordable option of the four (Comes with fries!), it just wasn't the ultimate burger. It also didn't help that you couldn't really eat there. .  I HATE sitting in my car! I want a table! 

The search continued on to Crown Burger, which has the best decor hands-down. A fireplace and fancy chairs? Yes please!

Above is the famous Crown Burger. The patty has a nice charbroiled taste and the supporting actors were excellent. This had the fixings folks! However, the bun was a wimp! It couldn't even begin to support the awesomeness of the burger. Five Guys had the same problem.
We chose to get every single topping offered. Granted normal people probably wouldn't do that, but we are of the mindset go big or go home! The patty on this burger was THE BEST thing ever! You can tell it was fresh and handmade and oh. my. goodness. was it moist! Thinking about it seriously makes me salivate. So good, but still not the ultimate all-around burger. 

Next up? In-N-Out. Below is not a photo of our burger but it looks pretty similar. This burger wins for all the fixins', but again the bun was less than awesome after eating the Burger Bar bun earlier that day. The wait time was also less than awesome, but that wasn't entirely their fault. Apparently we arrived right after some big Book of Mormon parade? Oh Utah. 
After tallying up the scores and in Marlos' case, comments, I have determined a tentative winner of the burger challenge. . . . . . . . .  IN-N-OUT!

In my personal opinion this burger is still not the ultimate burger. If we could have the fixins' off of In-N-Out, the patty from Five Guys, the charbroiled taste from Crown Burger all put in the bun from Burger Bar, the world would be a much better place. Therefore I say. . . the search must continue! 

So where is it? Where is this ultimate burger? 

XO Emma

P.S. We randomly won tickets to the zoo while completing this challenge. . .no good deed goes unpunished.

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