Bored by Felicity? What?!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have been racking my mind for the past couple of days to try to figure out what the heck I want to say about last week's viewing of Felicity. Usually I have multiple ideas and I find a way to connect it to my own experiences but this week I got nothing. . . KIDDING!

Oh man, I totally had you going!  Seriously though when Felicity cut her hair the show began to spiral downhill. This week pink power ranger/Julie was approached for a recording contract thing. Sean was upset and all worried because he claimed that the "agent" was up to no good and just wanted a piece of booty. Really though, Sean digs her.

Time will tell if this recording deal goes through so Julie finally has a valid reason to drop out of school. Let's be serious she is dying to leave and I am more than ready for her to get the heck out of here. I don't remember disliking her this much when I first saw the show!

Anywho, personal connection time. Aren't you so excited? Once upon a time in 2008 my friend and I were sitting outside waiting for the doors to open for a OneRepublic concert when we were approached by two girls with business cards. They wanted to know if we had ever considered modelling/acting. Of course my ninteen-year-old brain was freaking out. For a brief moment this was the validation I never even knew I needed. Then I stopped and thought about it and by thought I mean I went home and Googled the "agency." I looked at who they represented and quickly realized I'd been had.

Guys, I was this close to being famous. HA Yeah right. . . Maybe in my next life I can be Meryl Streep. That isn't asking for too much, right?

Have you ever been had?

XO Emma

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