The Unavailable Bachelor - Felicity

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I've made it to Halloween of Felicity's freshman year. What an exciting ride. She has survived a mugging. She also defended her choices despite her parents dissatisfaction and while doing so reached the realization that her parents are just people too. On top of all of that she has been mortified beyond belief, a few times. Although to be honest a lot of that is really her own doing. The girl has no filter! The major thought for me at the end of these 5 episodes concerns Ben.

I think we all have had a Ben in our lives at one point or another. He is the guy that you cannot help but like. There is just something about him that draws you to him. Deep down you realize that it could never work and you recognize that he is just all messed up but you just can't help it. What is with us girls? We seem to have this compulsive need to fix things. A boy like Ben, wounded and so remarkably unavailable is so incredibly appealing. We have this strange compulsion that maybe we can be the girl who heals him or the girl who can make him change. Been there done that.

What I've begun to realize is that you can't ever change or heal a person. That process has to come from within. While I find myself completely frustrated with Felicity and her unrelenting love for Ben I can relate. You just want it to work so badly that you become slightly obsessed. At this point I would say forget both Ben and Noel. You have to learn to love yourself and figure out what makes you tick before you can really be there for someone else. Instead of trying to fix and control the world around you, you need to focus on the one thing you have control over, yourself.

I know, I know, easier said than done.

Any thoughts from this first week of the Watch Along?

XO Emma

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