The Calm Before the Storm - Felicity Edition

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy crap. Prior to this week it seemed to me that Felicity and all her pals were just pretending to be adults, but they weren't really quite there yet. You remember those days, right? You feel like maybe you're just dreaming or on some kind of extended vacation, (with homework. . .worst vacation EVER),  and then one day you wake up and you just realize deep down in your gut that things will never, ever be the same again.

For me that moment happened the day my mom called to tell me that they were in the process of repainting my old room for my brother to move in to, about a year and a half into college. Talk about a shock to the system. As soon as I hung up I sat there and spent a few minutes bawling like a baby. You spend your childhood wishing you were older, because life is going to be so much better. Then you get your first bill in the mail and realize that it isn't for your parents, you're really going to have to pay that one and the all of the other bills as well. It's all downhill from there, my friends.

During this week's worth of episodes I really feel like  s*%$ hit the fan in a very big way. All of a sudden the whole gang is facing all sorts of grown up problems like:
  •  green card marriages - Are they really so bad?
  • cheating. . . a lot
  • coming out of the closet 
  • finding your place in the world - So you didn't make the track team. . . what's next?
  • role reversals - The stalker becomes the stalkee
  • exes - to be or not to be friends
  • toxic friendships (You know it's bad when your best friend is sleeping with your boyfriend.)
  • stolen and lost v-cards
  • life-altering decisions made by the toss of a coin
  • I think my friend may be an alcoholic, should we stage an intervention or turn a blind eye?
  • Are you my Mother?
What was in those candy canes at Christmas? There is obviously a lot from the above to talk about, but to be honest I've really only dealt with a handful. Either my life is boring or Felicity is an outrageous show.

Here is a glimpse of what we have to look forward to this week as we wrap up Felicity's freshman year!

Looks like things aren't slowing down, but at least Noel is talking to her again!

XO Emma

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