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Monday, June 04, 2012

I got this crazy idea this weekend. Okay, it's not entirely my idea  but still it's awesome and crazy so some might say it's crazy awesome. Original source of idea can be found here. I've already done the Buffy thing and 7 seasons is way too long for summer. However, Felicity has 4 seasons, all on Netflix, which could go through the summer into the beginning of October. It seems especially fitting to start this up because it was around this time almost 6 years ago that I discovered some reruns and fell in love with Felicity myself. However, I never saw the last season, so I don't know how it ends!

I figure now that I'm past the phases of Felicity's undergraduate career, it would be interesting to view the show with these eyes of experience that I lacked 6 years ago. Plus, Noel or Ben? Who does she even end up with? Is there a random third guy thrown in the mix?!

Here's the plan for season 1:
June 4-9: Episodes 1 - 5
June 10 - 16: Episodes 6 - 11
June 17 - 23: Episodes 12 - 17
June 24 - 30: Episodes 18 - 22

Every Saturday, starting this Saturday I will post my thoughts and impressions and I encourage you to do the same! I definitely want to see what you think! In addition I will be tweeting using the hashtag #Felicity12 and I will reference the episodes like this, season 1 episode 1 will be S1E1. Just so you know what one earth I am referring to.

There is no promo for season one, so I will just leave you with the opening credits.

Here's to hoping I don't do this all by myself!
XO Emma

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