Wolf Howls, Whistles, and Middle Fingers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Recently I bought myself a shiny new hybrid bicycle. This bicycle, whom I have named Gertrude Schmidty Schwinn, was to be used for exercise and stress release, because I didn't feel totally safe going for walks. Now I'm thinking maybe walks are safer.  You certainly get less attention on a walk.

Yesterday afternoon when I bought Ms. Schwinn I quickly realized that she had a little too much booty and would not fit in my car. I didn't have a ton of time before my lunch break was over so I decided to bike two miles home. The area I where I currently live isn't quite the type of area I am used to biking in. Instead of looking like this:

It looks more like this:
It's causing me more  stress and anxiety more than anything. Not just because of the increased cars. I don't completely mind that so much when I have a sidewalk I can ride on. (Is that weird to ride on the sidewalk? I did that all the time as a kid, but now the looks people have been giving me make me wonder if it's weird.)

On top of that I have received more cat calls, whistles and random birdies than I've ever received in my entire life. I'm already a tad panicky and that doesn't help. (Before yesterday the last time I had ridden a bike was about five years ago.) Yesterday afternoon a car full of teenage boys just kept shouting obscenities at me while flicking me off. Who does that? I was ready to dismiss it as a juvenile, boy thing but then today a full grown woman felt the need to holler at me!  
Are the majority of people raised in barns?

No seriously, are they?  I find that to be such bizarre behavior! 

I'm seriously starting to regretting this purchase and am thinking that maybe biking is only fun in rural areas.  I need to move back to the country. I always thought I was such a city girl, but I can't even handle this! Too nosy, too congested. I think I need to escape to nature for a weekend. I'm hungry for the silence. 

XO Emma

P.S. Ingrid post coming soon! 

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  1. Oh, man. I know how you feel. I'm discovering that I'm not much of a city girl either. All of the traffic and all of the people stress me out too. I would love to move somewhere more rural in the future. Good thing we're both discovering this now rather than later!

  2. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!