Gloriousness Was Found In The Venue

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Once upon a time. . . downtown Salt Lake, in a venue located by a train station and a little burrito stand, a girl sat down and enjoyed some excellent tunes. 

The main attraction (Guster) she had seen once before.
As she waited she thought of the last time with memories that can only be described as fond.  
She had heard good things about the opening act. 
(Little did she know she had heard them before, on the looped playlist at JCPenney. . . many years ago.)
Luckily, they didn't play the song she had grown to hate
Instead they played much more glorious melodies like Peace and Hate,

and a little Fire.

The girl loved the energy Blake (the other girl) brought to the stage and found herself wishing they could be friends, even if only on Facebook.
Then she discovered that the girl was the great-granddaughter of  Fitzgerald. Yes, the Fitzgerald.
Nothing happened as a result. 
She just thought it was awesome and noteworthy.

It was a good night for music all around. The Heavens may have rejoiced, but don't quote me on that.

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  1. According to Wikipedia. . .THE Fitzgerald. Wikipedia is a legitimate source now, right? I'm going to pretend it is because this is the closest I will ever get to some of the greats! :)