Looking Like Snooki on Monday

Monday, February 13, 2012

Well kids. I did it. 
 Every since The Real World: Key West, when the entire cast worked for Mystic Tan, I have wanted to try out a Mystic Tan for myself.
(Give those kids a raise!)

The cast I am referring to.
My sister has been bugging me to go tanning ever since Michelle Money posted a spray-tan how-to video, so after doing a bunch of research I decided to go for it. 
We followed Michelle's tips to a T. . . well I did. 
Now my feet and hands resemble Snooki's face. 
My chin used to also resemble the Snook but luckily that has faded. 
Hannah, on the other hand, happens to look like a mulatto baby with a skin condition. 
Hey, It could be worse. We  could both look like Ross from Friends.

See? No bueno.
What have I learned from this experience?
  1. Turns out the older Mystic Tan machines that my Real World buddies used kind of sucks.  It's cold and gross and never again!
  2. I probably won't go with that same spray-tan again, but I'm not counting out spray-tans in general. A little bit of color does my body good.
  3. It is really fun to just try something completely out of the ordinary! (I already knew that before but this experience just reinforced my belief.)
  4. If you can't learn to laugh at yourself, life is going to suck.

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    1. That Friends episode is hilarious! I've yet to have a good fake tan experience...just mess after mess after mess. I've finally just decided to stay the pasty white that I naturally am!

    2. Haha! It is far less expensive to accept my pastiness!