4 Valentine's Days Together

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The sugar cookie holiday is almost over but I couldn't let it leave without sharing some meaningful tunes.
You see, this is the fourth Valentine's Day the boy and I have spent together.
I can't really remember what we did the other three.
(I know we had fun. In fact I think we played laser tag one year?)
However, I do remember the songs associated with those years and I decided I would share.

Year One:
We hadn't been together very long when that first Vday came around.
Really only a couple of weeks, but I remember this song was on repeat during those early months.
He was so cute, singing the song ever so softly as we drove who knows where.

Year Two:
Okay, so I didn't technically hear this song until I went to visit him in NY that summer.
but this song makes me think of that year.
The beginning of us was kind of stop and go for a little while but we could never stop for longer than a day.
 Halfway through the year we realized we were stuck with each other and suddenly things finally seemed to be smooth sailing.

Year Three:
 I have seriously always loved this song even before year three.
Ignore most of the lyrics.
I swear they don't pertain to us.
However, the beginning of year three was FRUSTRATING!
How much longer would I have to linger?

Year Four - Forever:
 Now that we are planning for a lifetime the song has changed.
I'm sure as we continue our journey the song will change, but for at least this year the song is perfect.

Here's to looking at you kid.

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