Time, You Sure Are Sneaky

Monday, January 09, 2012

I feel slightly panicked.
 I realized this past weekend while touring potential spots for our Utah reception that our wedding could be as soon as 109 days away (April 27th)  if we end up getting the date closest to our original date (April 28th) at this magical place.

The Eldredge Manor, just right off of the freeway in Bountiful.
What I love most about this option is the ability to have our reception inside or outside.
Also, it happens to be gorgeous and will look fantastic is photos.
Not to mention the fact that I will actually have my own wedding coordinator.
I'm beginning to see how helpful that can actually be, especially for someone who has very little experience planning large events.

I just know our night will be absolutely enchanting here and I am getting so stinking excited!
As I make more decisions I kind of want to post a bunch of different options to see what people think.

Until Next Time,

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