Hey, 2012. I've Been Waiting for You

Sunday, January 01, 2012

This is a pretty big year for me and I figured now is a good a time as any to set a few goals for both my personal life and this here blog-a-rooni.

Personal Goals

  1. Start actually planning my wedding. This is really not something I should be procrastinating. I don't think the procrastination is any indication of my enthusiasm I think it has more to do with the fact that this is supposed to be one of the greatest days of our lives. . . no pressure.
  2. Take more advantage of all the people and opportunities in front of me every single day. I started this blog to try to improve my cooking, which worked. Then my hopes for this blog turned into me wanting to venture outside of my circle and get to know other people, but I've begun to realize that I have become so wrapped up in some of these blogs that I am beginning to snub those opportunities and people that surround me on a daily basis so I'm going to work harder to get to know people around me, including my neighbors.
  3. Become involved in a local group.
  4. Get through year one of grad school with at least a 3.8. (I really want a 4.0 but this way if I don't quite get there I don't have to beat myself up.)
  5. Train for and run at least a legit 5K at some point this year.
  6. Actually attempt to decorate the apartment and clean daily
  7. Write at least half of a novel.

Blogging/Reading Goals
  1. Read at least 100 books this year.
  2. Write reviews that are at least 250 words and make them a tad more meaningful
  3. Write a blog post at least 5 times a week (Sometimes I get a little lazy.)
  4. Start taking pictures to go with posts\that will better document my life.
  5. Comment on every post I take the time to read.
  6. Join at least 1 read-along.
  7. Complete some challenges.
  8. Redesign blog.
  9. Increase my cooking posts. Maybe add a little more variety.
  10. Stop worrying about how many followers or comments I have. 

Have you made any goals? Please share!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog today! These are great goals. When are you getting married?!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, and Other Things.
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