The Journey Into The Great Unknown

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It has taken quite some time but I think I figured out the moment that actually moves you from childhood into adulthood. There have been so many moments in my life that I thought indicated that I was finally an adult. When I was little I thought it was driving. When I could drive I assumed it would be the first time I could vote and actually did. Then a full-time job would make me an adult, so on and so forth. Today I think I actually crossed over the bridge between childhood and adulthood and all it took was opening a door.

Not this door. 

This door means nothing but I was no-way, no-how posting a photo of the door to my very own place! When I finally could unlock the door and take a look around I realized that this blank canvas is all mine. I can decorate any which way I please and I am so excited. Although the adult part becomes a tad overwhelming every time I think about how much money it costs to be an adult. 

Anyone have any decorating tips (for small places)?

Until Next Time,

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