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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I have a new found respect for my parents right now. Both of them have worked full-time and commuted for most of my life. Somehow the house remained clean, we had dinner every night and my dad managed to complete grad school with a 4.0. They must be super human because I'm only on day 2, my room is a mess, I ate junk, skipped my daily workout and have decided to skim over my homework instead of delving in. It is a lot tougher than I imagined it would be! 

So far, I am guessing that I won't mind my job. Everyone seems super nice and very helpful. I just need to suck it up some more and get out of my shy zone once and for all. I am probably the worst ever at making the small talk needed to establish a meaningful relationship. I'm awesome once we get past the nitty gritty but it is tough getting there.

One thing I love about commuting? I am reading books without reading once. Now that is awesome! One thing I hate about a grownup job? Where has my freedom gone? All I know is that Tom better be a dang good househusband. (I wonder if that term is copyrighted yet?)

I know it's technically almost Wednesday but I don't get my work laptop until tomorrow so I am posting the fabulous Tuesday Tunes right now. I sincerely hope it makes your workday more enjoyable and faster.

Any ideas for how to personalize/decorate a cubicle? 
I kind of love this, but is it too much?

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  1. BEST PLAYLIST EVER!!!! Seriously dude, this is my favorite. Love every song.

  2. Just a side note, I only went back to work when you were in High School and Hannah and Erik were in school. You will be awesome in your life!

  3. So. . . . did Mapquest not count? I know for sure you worked by the time I was in 7th grade.