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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I saw the Foo Fighters live last Tuesday night. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that awesomeness, but more importantly I was able to experience some songs with just Dave and his guitar. 

Yes, we are on a first name basis.

You see I had grown up enjoying the Foo Fighters, but it wasn't until fall 2006 that I realized that Dave is seriously amazing. I stayed home "sick" from school and found myself watching one of the concerts from the then recent acoustic tour. Not going to lie that was an experience I have never forgotten and something about it changed me forever. The following is the only video I can find from that:

While I enjoy their loud rock and roll sound, this whole special proved to me that they could do something a little bit different and still be completely awesome. 

 I enjoyed the concert last Tuesday night, but I'm not going to lie I kept wishing that I was experiencing what I had experienced before. 

Dave, if you ever happen to random stumble across this, I would kill to have the chance to experience an acoustic show like that of Summer 2006.  I don't need the lights and crazy antics. I'm completely cool with you just sitting there doing your thing.

Now on to Taylor. What the heck were you wearing on stage? Silk boxers? Dude, that's kind of strange but maybe it helps you not overheat on stage?

Now is the time I would post a video that I took while at the concert. Unfortunately the acoustics in the MAVERICK CENTER
really stink. My videos stink and even some taken by those who were up close and center completely blow. I won't be going there again.

I got what I came for.

Until Next Time,

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