The One With The Parade of Homes

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Last Saturday was a BLAST! I did something I had always wanted to do, freely roam houses that don't belong to me. I made sure to explore every single nook and cranny, because who knows when I will be able to do that again! Thanks to two of my favorite people for making this day even more enjoyable!

Before last Saturday I hadn't even thought about what sort of features I would want in my future home. As the day went on and the houses began to blur together I could see some common themes in what I like about a house. I used to think I loved the clean, crisp lines of a modern home but I realized rather quickly that I cannot even begin to feel comfortable in a house so cold! I need something warm and homey.

Here are some features that I loved!

Backsplash throughout the kitchen! 

I love an actual bay window, but this is nice too. 
Anything to make a room feel cozy but not cramped.

Organization that is both functional and cute!
I am also a sucker for a corner pantry!

Window seats! 
Although a bay window makes for a cozier window seat! 

Fun fabrics and colors! 
This nursery kind of made me want a little one!

Ultimately what seems to make a house appealing to me are all the little carefully placed details that really reveal who you are. 

Oh, and of course an awesome tub always helps. 

Until Next Time, 

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  1. Tanto, I had SO much fun going to this special event with you guys! Hanging out with the both of you was seriously just what I needed after a crazy stressful/hectic week! Seeing all of those amazing homes and the features found within them was a blast, but to be completely honest, the most fun I had came from simply being in the pleasure of your company! I love you guys! Always have and always will! We'll have to do something really fun when Poncho comes out!

  2. Santo, I had a blast too! I'm glad we were finally able to spend some time together! It made me realize how much I need my Mexican Horse Race Gang in my life!!

  3. D-I-T-T-O!!! You guys are seriously my closest, sincerest friends and it's always so nice to hang out with you b/c I know that I can be myself and just chillax when I'm around you! Haha! I can't wait for our next meeting my friend! It. will. be. epic.

  4. You guys are so funny in the tubs! Don't settle for a standard one...get a biggie! :-)

  5. That pose are look like on the models that I've been seeing on the magazines and televisions. The tubs looks familiar, I think I saw it on san antonio parade of homes.