Where Do You Sit in a Classroom?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

For me it completely depends on my mood. Today, in church, I didn't really feel inclined to participate. I just wanted to sort of observe so I sat towards the back. 


This one little decision resulted in me having to listen to rude people talking, not whispering but talking, the entire meeting! Ugh! 

I had heard in the past that where you choose to sit says a lot about you and I discovered a site that backs this up.  It's a little game where you just select where you think you would typically sit and then it tells you about yourself. 

Typically, I think I would pick column 3 row 2. Apparently that means I am a responsive learner. This analysis is correct in the claim that I care about how I do in school. However, I would never in a million years classify myself as warm, social, and approachable. I'm actually more on the shy side and very guarded when initially meeting someone new. As a result most people think I'm a snot so that checks approachable off the list. 

Those annoying people in the very back are "not interested in being a part of the group." They also prefer to relax and tune out the noise from the front of the room. I would say that is dead on. 

Where do you sit?

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