Turning Day Into Night

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not going to lie, the moment Tom told me we were going to Vegas for the weekend "Viva Las Vegas" began to consistently circulate through my mind. It was fun the first fifty times and I enjoyed packing and humming the tune, but by the end of the weekend, enough was enough. Press play if you want to see what I mean.

We got to Vegas pretty late and we were all pretty tired so we decided to head to bed. I got to see some of the famous strip and it looks pretty sweet. I can hardly wait to go back and collect some naked lady cards! I am seriously going to go on that roller coaster and check out the fountain show. I bet you are starting to understand that my Vegas trip lacked some serious Stripage. [Insert sad face here] 
I got to see lots of other really cool stuff though like:

The view from the freeway!

I can hardly believe those are seriously all casinos and hotels! Where do people work?

The Stratosphere! Totally saw that during my countless hours of watching the Travel Channel. 

Probably the closet I will get to a pyramid if Egypt continues to act a fool.


This is seriously probably my favorite picture ever. Ok, that is a lie but I really do love it. I know, I know the billboard is probably leftover from “the rapture” but something about seeing “God” on a billboard in the city of sin is very cool
Speaking of God, we decided to go for a drive and find the place Marie Osmond was remarried in just a handful of weeks ago, the LDS Las Vegas Temple!

For some reason I thought, for sure, that Marie had a photo taken in this spot. It seems perfect but I guess she didn’t. Oh well, it’s still a pretty good one.

The Las Vegas Temple just may be my new favorite. If I could describe it in one word that word would be oasis. You have to go and that is a command.

I put Thomas in charge of taking photos, because let’s face it I am hopeless with a camera. I get maybe one in a thousand shots to look awesome. Here are my favorites:




The rest of the time was spent shopping and spending time with the boy’s family. It was a fun weekend but I still want to go and see what else Vegas has to offer.


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