Scoop of Tuesday Awesomeness

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Need I say more?

Seriously, you don't know about Guster?

Sad stuff, man. Don't worry though I gotcha covered. 

The man loves Guster and now I love Guster. I guess that is what happens when you hear something enough and associate it with positive memories.  

Back in January I got to see them live and it was an awesome show. One that I will remember fondly.

This weekend we went to the zoo and after some Bob Marley we slipped in the Guster and I realized just how in love I am with this song.

Love, love, love it! Speaking of love, I also seriously love this song / video.

Well,  consider that your introduction to awesomeness. Now go check out more of their stuff! You won't be even a teeny tiny bit disappointed.

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