Moving Complete!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can I just tell you how much moving annoys me? A large part of me loves it because it forces me to sort through my stuff and get rid of things, but man oh man it is too much work. There is only one thing I hate more than moving though and that is moving in with new roommates. Oh my word the suspense nearly kills me every single time! I know my third roommate moved in today because I see her stuff scattered all around. I have been tiptoeing around for the last hour looking at her stuff and trying to figure out what sort of person she could be. With my super sleuth skills I acquired during my Sir Arthur Conan Doyle class, this is what I have deduced: 

1. She's from either Japan or China (the characters give it away). Right now I am leaning towards Japan because one of her things was made in Japan. What an astute observation, right?

2. She might actually be a clean person, because she brought a buttload of cleaning stuff with her. This makes me want to pass out with excitement. Please, please, please let my conclusion be true. I cannot handle another slob in my life.

3. She either has an eating disorder, is currently shopping or goes out to eat a lot because there really isn't a whole lot of food around here.

4. She is courteous, because she barely moved any of my stuff. (This makes me think she is Japanese, just because the Chinese roommates I have had would move your stuff, no problem. So would the American roommates, in case you were wondering.) 

5. She is organized. Everything placed was so precisely. This also excites me.

Now I just hope she is shy but not too shy. The outgoing roommates always feel like it's a party and I am taking 15 credit hours, 6 of which are hybrid classes. I don't have time for my living room to be loud, party central. I also hope that we get along and become great friends, because I would love an excuse to visit Japan or China but I'm thinking it's Japan. 

Topic Change

For some reason every time I move I feel this huge need to downsize and make plans for how I can be better organized. Well after I sorted through my clothes I took my sister to the dollar store where everything actually costs a dollar. It is pretty much my favorite place. Our dollar stores back home were a stinkin' rip off. Yes, $3.00 is a good deal but I was really hoping it would be $2.00 less. Anyway to make a not-so-long story even shorter I found what is featured in the photo below in packs of two, which averages out to 50 cents a hanger! BOOYAH!
Now my closet has more room for clothes I don't really need and probably won't even wear! Now if only my brakes can be fixed for so cheap. Cross your fingers! If mama doesn't fix up Sebastian, then the state won't let him on the road and mama will have to rely on public transportation, which, in her experience, is creepy and very uncomfortable. (The third person insinuates I'm a lunatic, which I'm hoping I am not.)

P.S. My birthday is tomorrow. The big 22! Soooooo. . . what did you get me?

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  1. My husband and I tried to buy those from an infomercial once. I thought they would be perfect for our too small closet. Turns out the company was a total scam. Haha. Glad to know they are at the dollar store now!