I Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Monday, April 04, 2011

So a couple of months ago I had this happen to me in real life. I was so stunned. I didn't think that happened in "real life." After talking to me for approximately 30 seconds the dude felt that we were close enough to exchange numbers. My shock continued and my mind completely blanked. I found myself frantically searching my mind for the Rejection Hotline. (If you need this let me know and I will hook you up!) Needless to say I couldn't think of it and instead of making something up I gave my real number. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Well the kid texted me every single day. I wouldn't have minded so much if he could spell  or even if we just had something, anything in common! I figured if I just stopped texting him back he would give up, but noooooo this fellow is persistent.

Tonight, after ignoring texts for weeks. . . he called and blocked his number. My grandparent's number is also blocked so I answered thinking it was dear, old, sweet grandma. When I realized who it was I almost peed myself. However, this time, I was smart. I said he had the wrong number and I had no clue who Emma was or even where Utah was and proceeded to hang up.

Then, he texted AGAIN and this time he sent a picture which was saved to his phone as "sexy." Even when I said I was "old enough to be his mother" and that I was in a relationship "with my husband of 15 years." He continued his quest. The fellow is a little something I like to call D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E!

Moral of this story? Never, ever give out your number. If he is a creeper then take his number and locate the nearest garbage-can.

I really need to memorize the rejection hotline.

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  1. so funny! I can't believe he continued after you told him you had been married for 15 years!. so great.

  2. Haha Thanks Hannah. The women / men of the world are rejoicing!

    @Kristy First off, congrats girl! I'm sorry I couldn't make it! But seriously! I thought if the too old to be your mom comment didn't work then that one would for sure! ahhh! hahaha

  3. Your post reminded me of a news I read a couple of weeks back. There was an unknown guy who kept calling and disturbing a school girl. She could not get rid of him so he informed her Dad who gave him a call and scolded him. The next day, her Dad was on his bike going somewhere when two young guys stopped and beat him up. Sad!

  4. @Zunnur Yikes! That is really frightening! There are way too many strange people out there. I hope the father is okay. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Okay Emma. You are adorable. Date my brother.

    Funny story I met a creeper at institute and the same thing happened to me. I gave him my real number without thinking. He texted and called constantly I just ignored him. Then I ran in to him at some young single adult dance my friends had dragged me to.

    Okay seriously he saw me at the dance and then proceeded to ask if I would go do a temple session with him the next day. Um I hadn't gone through the temple even. He then asked if I would go do baptisms for the dead? Seriously awkward!

    I ignored his texts and messages and calls for like 3 straight days. The next thing I know I get a voicemail asking if we could start "steady dating"....Don't you want to hang out with a girl that doesn't ignore your calls before you ask her to start 'steady dating'? and who even says steady dating anymore? it was 2006 not 1954. Anyways, longest comment ever but I just had to share the insanity because your story made me laugh!

  6. Omigosh Krystle that is seriously the funniest story I have heard in awhile! Sounds like a good ol' Peter Priesthood to me! hahaha I don't understand why he thought that the logical step after being turned down would begin "steady dating." Maybe he spent too much time daydreaming and began to think it was real life. I would really like to know how you got rid of the guy.