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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow, so I officially suck at blogging. I think I bit off more than I could chew, so I'm going to change things. . . please don't be mad! I have a lot going on and I think I will share more than just what is currently in my tummy. Anywho, I made both of the recipes I said I would so let's get to it!
Last Thursday, Tom and I did a little bit of celebrating for the anniversary/valentine's extravaganza. He said he wasn't going to get me anything so I shouldn't get anything for him. Obviously I didn't take him seriously because he did something for the past two years now. I wish I would have listened though because now I feel seriously let down. Don't worry though I'm on his case about it. I'll get my flowers any day now. . . Anyway, I cooked him this delicious meal:

It was so good. Seriously. It was kind of a lot of work but probably one of the best things I have ever had. I'm quickly learning that when you have a gift like mine restaurants are sooooo overrated. ha

Moving on: This past Tuesday I made the tricolor meatloaf. Here is the thing. . . I hate meatloaf but I love peppers. Together I still hate meatloaf but it's not quite as bad. Here is a picture:

I made something yummy tonight, but I will post it separately so you have the recipe all on its own.

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  1. Oh baby what you made Tom looks so good!! And I don't like meatloaf either but there is a great recipe Alton Brown has and It was super delicious!I'll send it to you or make it for you. Whichev. Also I'm glad things in the food category are working out for you, I think we all got blessed with that gift!

  2. Thanks! Like I said, it was soooo good! Well, everyone who had the meatloaf said it was some of the best they had ever had so I think I may just not be a meatloaf person.